How To Keep Your Teeth Healthy During Christmas Holidays?

The biggest festival of the year, Christmas, arrives in December, making you look forward in anticipation to enjoying delicacies from home and friends without sparing a thought to keeping your teeth healthy during the holidays. You might think the yearly celebration is an excellent occasion to give your teeth a vacation while you enjoy yourself. However, did you ever think your teeth are not looking forward to your celebration and are fearful that you will soon take them to the dentist to get dental fillings or root canals because of your enjoyment? If you haven’t, we suggest you continue learning from this article some tips we offer to keep your teeth healthy when celebrating the Christmas holidays unhindered.

Your teeth are part of your body and need similar attention as your hands, legs, or tummy. However, they don’t need the frequent drilling and filling that become essential when you don’t care for them appropriately, especially at the end of the year when you enjoy numerous foods and beverages harmful to your dental and oral health. Therefore you must ensure you follow the tips in this discussion to continue keeping your teeth healthy even after the holidays or prepare yourself to visit the family dental clinic for treatments later.

5 Tips To Keep Your Teeth Healthy During Christmas Holidays!

1. Get Oral Prophylaxis Today

If you haven’t had your six monthly oral prophylaxis, we suggest you arrange an appointment with the family dental clinic today and get your teeth examined and cleaned before you get involved in shopping and other activities. Getting your teeth cleaned a few days in advance doesn’t harm them but helps eliminate accumulated plaque and tartar, besides getting you a teeth polishing and fluoride treatment to strengthen tooth enamel, making them more resistant to developing cavities during the celebrations.

2. Maintain Excellent Oral Hygiene

The celebrations start around December 20 and continue until the end of the year. Wouldn’t you think it is time for you to prepare your teeth to remain in optimal shape well before the start of the festivities? If you do, you must maintain your oral hygiene appropriately by brushing twice daily, flossing once, and using antibacterial mouthwash to eliminate food particles and debris left in your mouth without exceptions. If you enjoy the delicacies of Christmas, you might as well have healthy teeth instead of rotten teeth requiring frequent visits to emergency dentists or painful and expensive treatments.

3. Refrain from Having Harmful Foods

Christmas will tempt you to have a collection of harmful foods like candy canes, sticky, chewy, gummy, and sugary foods. The foods are all yummy, but they are not friends of your teeth. For example, biting on complex foods can cause minor or severe damage to your teeth, needing treatments like dental veneers or crowns on the teeth to restore their appearance and functionality. Therefore it helps if you refrain from having harmful foods that can damage your teeth, making you vulnerable to receiving dental treatments at the end of the celebrations.

4. Beverages Can Also Harm Your Teeth

Christmas is when red wine flows, but if you have recently had your teeth whitened, the beverage can discolor your teeth, leaving stains on them. Red wine tastes good and is full of antioxidants that are helpful in fighting cancer. However, the discoloring element of this drink can quickly stain your teeth, making you hide your smile during the New Year. Instead, consider having light-colored beverages during Christmas to ensure your teeth remain bright and white even after the festivities.

5. Watch out for Acidic Drinks

Adult beverages are full of acids that can erode tooth enamel. If you find it challenging to avoid drinks with your family and friends, ensure that you have chunks of cheese with the drinks between sips. The cheese genuinely helps neutralize the acids in the drinks with an alkaline presence. In addition, cheese and acidic beverages combine well together.

The tips we recommend for healthy teeth do not mar your enjoyment or make you unhappy during the celebrations. They are merely a suggestion to help you keep your teeth fit when you celebrate the Christmas holidays.

Our expert dentists suggests similar tips and recommends that you schedule your appointment for cleanings soon after Christmas to keep your teeth in optimal shape after enjoying yourself. If you haven’t thought ahead, kindly arrange a meeting with the practice to schedule your appointment for the cleaning today.

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