Five Common Cosmetic Dental Procedures And Their Benefits

Are you tired of store-bought dental treatments and Internet fads? Well, it’s time to visit a cosmetic dentist! The dentists will provide you with information on the latest procedures and advise you on the best option. When you book an appointment with a cosmetic dentist, you set yourself up for lasting results.

With the help of dental technology, cosmetic dentistry has rapidly progressed in recent years. This is with procedures that appeal to the number of people who want to feel better about their smile and appearance.

Here are top 5 cosmetic dental procedures that will help improve your appearance.

  1. Teeth Bleaching
    Bright teeth are associated with confidence, warmth, and health. Therefore, teeth whitening is among the most common cosmetic dental procedures. Teeth bleaching can be performed at home if you are looking for something gradual or at your dentist’s office for immediate results.

    Whether one is in a dentist’s chair or on their couch, the bleaching processes are very similar. Both dental whitening options use peroxide-based bleaching agents, but office systems contain 15% to 43% peroxide, and at-home products contain three percent 20% peroxide.

    Generally, when one increases the solution strength and length of time of solution exposure, the whiter their teeth become.

    However, if your solution has a high percentage of peroxide, you should apply it at issue to their teeth. Prolonged exposure to a high amount of peroxide increases the risk of tooth sensitivity and dehydration. If one is prone to teeth sensitivity, their dentists will suggest an at-home treatment plan instead of in-office cosmetic dental procedures.

  2.  Enamel Bonding
    This is a procedure where a resin material is applied to your tool to restore your smile. Enamel bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure commonly used to repair chipped teeth, decayed teeth, and close spaces between teeth. Also, it helps improve the appearance of discoloration, protect the roots of your tooth if gums are receding, and change the shape of teeth. Enamel bonding doesn’t require numbing agents and takes only 30 to 60 minutes to complete. It’s among the most affordable cosmetic dental procedures.
    Unlike veneers or crowns, this procedure can be done in just one of his visits unless several teeth are involved. You should ask your dentist if enamel bonding is the right option for you.
  3. Dental Veneers
    These are the more personalized and longer-lasting version of enamel bonding. They are sometimes referred to as dental porcelain laminates or porcelain veneers. This dental procedure involves customization of them to the colored material made to cover the front surface of your teeth. Dental veneers are used to restore teeth that are chipped, discolored, misaligned, or worn down. However, dental veneers require three trips to your dentist. One for consultation and the second to make and apply the dental veneers.

    Although the procedure requires more visits, they last more than enamel bonding. Veneers don’t require any special care. You should continue following proper oral hygiene practices, including flossing, brushing, and rinsing with an antiseptic mouthwash. Even though dental veneers resist stains, one should avoid stain-causing beverages and foods to promote the lasting brightness of their teeth.

  4. Invisalign Braces
    You should never leave with uncomfortable metal braces. Instead, Invisalign uses clear aligners to move your teeth into a better position. The clear aligners are made of a solid piece of plastic that puts pressure on specific parts of the teeth. With only three easy and painless steps, one can be on the path to a brand new smile.

    This is a great option for adults because nobody will tell you’re wearing braces. Invisalign braces are not for aesthetics only. They also help correct misalignments causing pain, such as chronic headaches. The benefit makes this procedure was the investment.

  5. Enamel Abrasion
    Enamel abrasion is a procedure that helps remove discoloration. For example, our dentist uses fine pumice in a micro-abrasion machine to eliminate surface stains.
    This helps remove superficial stains from wine, tobacco products, coffee, and soda. However, this procedure doesn’t work for intrinsic stains inside the tooth.

    Enamel abrasion is long-lasting, effective, and clinically imperceptible. Your dentist will be able to know the right stain removal treatment for you.

Do you want a whiter, brighter smile or want to completely re-do an entire look with bonding or veneers? A cosmetic dental procedure offers the desired results.

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