Can You Wear Grills Over Veneers?

Grills are decorative covers made from gold, silver, or jewel-encrusted valuable metals snapping over one or more teeth. Grills, also called ‘Grillz’ or fronts, are removable. However, many people get their teeth altered with gold crowns permanently resembling a grill.

Some people have tried mounting a grill with glue which the dentist does not suggest, because it can damage the teeth and tissues. Presently, no research is available to confirm grills are harmful to the mouth, and no studies are available to confirm long-term wear of the grills is safe. Non-precious base metals also help make grills causing irritation or metal allergic reactions.

Can You Get Grills over Veneers?

Dental Veneers are permanent placements over your teeth to enhance their appearance and your smile. However, grills are removable and removed as desired by the wearer with minimal trouble. However, wearers of grills must remain cautious not to eat, drink or smoke with a grill over veneers.

Are Permanent Grills Harmful to Your Teeth?

Permanent grills can wear down your tooth enamel and cause decay and gum disease. In addition, crowns can also lead to tooth decay on the underlying natural tooth if you are affected by gum recession. Unfortunately, food and debris can remain trapped under the grill to create a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

Restrictions You Must Endure with Veneers

When considering veneers for your teeth from the York dentist, you initially receive temporary veneers over your teeth after preparation for the permanent surfaces. The permanent surfaces arrive three weeks after getting your teeth prepared. During the time you must avoid:

  • You must stay away from hard foods like candy, raw vegetables and fruits, popcorn, ice, and similar items.
  • Dentists advise you to refrain from having tough meat.
  • Besides toasted and crusted bread, you are restricted from having sticky foods like Taffy and caramel.
  • Pigmented foods such as tomatoes, ketchup, berries, tea, coffee, carbonated drinks, and red wine are also restricted.

Can You Wear Gold Grills with Veneers?

Yes, you can. However, as veneers need regular dental work, so do permanent grills. If you decide to get one, you must realize there’s no looking back.

Can You Bite into Sandwiches with Veneers?

Veneers are undoubtedly durable like natural teeth. However, they are prone to chipping and breaking if you don’t care for them appropriately. You must refrain from biting directly into any hard food with veneers.

Are Grills Still Popular?

In the late 80s, Grillz became popular with hip-hop artists in New York and was upgraded in the 90s in Oakland because the artists thought it made them appear super fly. Grills are removable devices and are best worn for a limited period, especially when wearing removable grills. When wearing a grill, it is essential to remove them before eating.

Do Grills Appear Professional?

The York dentist warns grills made from gold, whether permanent or temporary, can set an unprofessional precedent. Examples of people with gold Grills confronting challenges when trying to find a job are documented by dentists that helped low-income and uninsured college students get rid of the gold caps from over their teeth.

Can You Lead a Normal Life with Dental Veneers?

After you get dental veneers to improve the appearance of damaged or broken teeth, there is no reason why you cannot lead an everyday life with the surfaces. Dental veneers appear natural in your mouth and will likely not cause your smile to appear ungainly. If you want to have gold grills over veneers, no power on this planet can stop you. However, the grills are likely to impact your smile because they appear different than veneers and make you stand apart from the rest in a crowd.

If you have porcelain veneers over your teeth to improve their appearance, there is no reason for you to remain concerned about their durability because they last for nearly two decades with proper care. Although the veneer process is irreversible, it is likely that you will never regret it. In addition, veneers help erase years of insecurity and issues with self-confidence. After spending a considerable sum on dental veneers, we are confident you wouldn’t want to display a smile of the 80s or 90s unless you fancy the appearance.

Veneers add value to your teeth, helping you smile with confidence. If you consider grills over veneers in York, ME then we suggest discussing your options with York Dental Group before deciding on them!

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