7 Reasons Why You Should Replace Teeth With Dentures

The effects of living with empty sockets on your mouth can range from mild to serious. For instance, missing teeth can cause your face to sag, cause the adjacent teeth to move out of position, cause jawbone loss, impair your ability to chew and speak properly, and hurt your self-confidence.

For these reasons, replacing missing teeth is essential as soon as possible. You can benefit from dentures if you have lost all or a few of your teeth, whether from old age, trauma, cavities, or periodontitis. While some people consider dentures to be uncomfortable and high maintenance, they are worth it. It can take time to get used to dentures. However, the benefits of using dentures outweigh any temporary discomfort. If you’re unsure whether dentures are the ideal solution for your missing teeth, you should see your dentist for professional advice.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are restorative treatments used to replace missing teeth. They consist of artificial teeth and gums custom-made by the dentist to fit your specific dental structures. You can either have full or partial dentures.
Full dentures, also known as complete dentures, replace all your natural teeth. Partial dentures replace a few missing teeth on the upper or lower jaw. Both full and partial dentures are removable.

7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Replacing Teeth With Dentures

Here are the 7 benefits of using dentures:

  1. Improves Oral Hygiene and Health
    Replacing missing teeth can significantly improve your oral hygiene and health. When a tooth is extracted, the empty socket can be difficult to clean, making it a breeding ground for bacteria, increasing your risk of developing infections, cavities, and periodontitis. Closing the open sockets with dentures will make it difficult for food particles and other debris to get trapped.Furthermore, dentures support your facial structure and muscles, preventing facial sagging. Similarly, dentures provide stimulation in the empty socket, preventing jawbone loss. They also restore oral appearance and functionality, allowing you to chew food properly.
  2. Little to No Diet Restrictions
    While dentures aren’t as stable and strong as natural teeth, they restore your ability to chew properly. This means that you won’t have to give up your favorite foods. Please avoid chewing hard foods or exerting too much pressure on the dentures as they can slip, break, or fall out.
  3. Improves Oral Appearance
    Missing teeth can affect your oral appearance, affecting your smile and self-confidence. Dentures will close the open gaps in your mouth, restoring your oral appearance. Furthermore, these false teeth are made with materials that mimic your natural teeth’s color, offering great aesthetics. Restoring your oral appearance allows you to smile broader and talk confidently.
  4. Fit & Comfortable To Your Gums
    Dentures are custom-made just for your oral structures. The dentist takes an impression of your mouth and creates an exact mold of your teeth. This ensures a perfect fit, making the dentures comfortable for your gums, teeth, and other oral structures.
  5. Easy To Maintain
    Because dentures are removable, cleaning and maintaining them is straightforward. You’ll only need to add a little effort to your daily dental routine. Use a soft-bristled brush to clean your remaining teeth and the dentures. It’s essential to clean the dentures every night to keep them free from bacteria and plaque.
  6. Prevents Further Oral and Health Issues
    How you speak can impact the way you pronounce certain words. Replacing the missing tooth with dentures will eliminate this problem, restoring your ability to speak properly.
  7. Cost-effective
    Dentures are cost-effective and reasonably priced compared to alternative restoration treatments such as implants and bridges, making them affordable to many.


5 Tips To Take Care of Your Dentures

Good dental care and hygiene will ensure that your dentures serve you well and longer. Use these tips to care for your dentures:

  • Remove your dentures daily before sleeping.
  • Clean your dentures daily. Use a non-abrasive toothpaste and soft-bristle brush.
  • Don’t use hot water to clean or store the dentures as it can distort the plastic.
  • Always rinse your dentures thoroughly after eating to eliminate food particles.
  • Store your dentures in clean water or mild denture cleaner.

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